Cuban Salsa Edinburgh

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll try and answer your questions here

Q. How many lessons in a term?
A. Each term is six weeks

Q. How long is each lesson?
A. A lesson is one hour long

Q. I’m an absolute Beginner, which class should Ido and how much is it?
A. Beginners One is our starter class, Six weekly, one hour lessons cost £35 in total

Q. How can I pay?
A. you can pay cash on the first night of term or by Bank Transfer AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE the first class.

Q. Can I pay with a card?
A. Not just now, you can transfer money to our account, but you must do this a day before the first lesson… please email or message us for details.

Q. What days do you do Beginners One classes
A. Mondays the class start at 7pm the location is El Paso, 3A1 Dundas Street, Edinburgh EH3 6QG
A. Wednesdays the class starts at 7:30pm, the location is The Crags Center, 10 Bowmont Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9RY

Q. Do I have to have a partner?
A. Absolutely not, you can definitly come to our classes by yourself, or with someone.

Q. What is Cuban Salsa?
A. Cuban Salsa is the version of salsa danced in Cuba. Because Cuba was seperated from a lot of other countries, dancing and music evolved in a slightly different wat than in many other places. Salsa is a street dance in much of Latin America so it’s less “formal” than some other dance styles.

Q. What clothes and shoes should I wear?
A. It’s mostly common sense. You’ll be exercising so ideally clothing that you won’t get too hot in and will allow you to move freely. For shoes similar idea, you don’t need special shoes and for beginners trainers are a really good idea.